The Thing about Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is one of the most “talked about” forms of marketing today. It is all about describing a marketing plan, a product or a service with the use of a mobile device. And also, mobile marketing being “mobile” is to be always on the move…always moving, so to speak. A very good example of this would be moving billboards or technological road shows. And because mobile marketing has a vast description, there is no accepted common description has ever been formally constructed or defined. However, they always refer it as the “use of a mobile as a medium to execute marketing communication.”
Mobile marketing is definitely a good way for any companies to bridge the gap between their clients or customers. It is a good way to engage with their audience because of the “interactive-ness” factor mobile marketing brings.
Last November of 2009, the meaning of mobile marketing was updated – it is a set of practices that enables organizations to communicate and engage with their audience in an interactive and relevant manner through any mobile device or network.
So now, mobile marketing is otherwise known as wireless marketing – but it does not necessarily mean that wireless is mobile though. This SMS rage campaign started to get its popularity since the year 2000 in Europe and Asia.

The benefits of mobile marketing are endless – aside from the readability factor, it is as well ideal for a personal relationship between the customers and the companies themselves. It is said that 94% of text messages are read therefore, it is assured to the very core that anything sent by a certain company will be red indeed by its customers.

And since subscribers of the SMS Marketing have approved to receive messages or alerts, any company can be very positive about the said customers being interested in the product or service that it being promoted.
mobile marketing can be used for many purposes – be it in announcing a new product or a service, to promote a new store opening or events to help increase customer recall and loyalty.

Mobile marketing can add slideshows of images or videos to even add attractiveness to the service or product being promoted. And a Multimedia is used for this. We all know for a fact that any modern phones with colored screens can receive the said MMS feature.
Mobile marketing is clearly not all about the serious stuff, in games can also be one of its “come-ons”. There are four major trends in mobile gaming: interactive real time, 3D, massive multiplayer and social networking games so therefore those mentioned games are indeed more sophisticated.
We must always remember that cellular phones are everywhere – so whoever came up with this kind of marketing strategy is a real genius. And just like the cellular phones, this marketing campaign is indeed handy and functional. So yes, the phone is no longer just for a personal interaction or a social one, we can now add the word “business” to the list….now that is good news!

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